Membership of North London Outdoor Group

Anyone can try three of our events free of charge (apart from any transport or accommodation costs).

After that, if you wish to take part in further walks or other Group activities, you need to apply for annual membership. If you apply, then you can continue to come on walks and weekends away and attend Tuesday evening socials while your membership application is pending.

For the year 1st Nov 2017 - 31st Oct 2018 only, annual membership has been reduced to £24 for 12 months. There are further reductions if you join part way through the Group’s year. Membership costs are halved for members under 18 or other concessions. Membership costs are also halved if you live outside our local area. See membership application form for details. If you wish to continue attending activities then the annual membership fee is payable from 1st November each year.

If your membership lapses for one or more years (1st November to 31st October) you need to re-apply for membership by completing a Membership Application Form. The membership fee would be due from the 1st of the month following your attendance on an activity, with no free trial period.

Advantages of annual membership:

  • Where accommodation is operated by YHA (England and Wales), you can only stay at YHA members’ prices if you have individual membership of YHA (or another country’s HI/IYHF association), otherwise there would ba a non-member surcharge.
  • A Group email list where members can send an email to all other members about walks, weekends away or other events that they are organising such as cinema visits or meals out.
  • An 8 - 12 page monthly newsletter called footprint. Printed copies of the members’ version are available at our Tuesday evening meetings and the public version is also available online (see below).

You can download a membership application form here

  • To check that you are a real person and not a machine trying to collect our Group’s contact email address, we have put our Membership Application Form in a PDF file that you can download using the link below.
  • To open the PDF file, you will need to enter a password.
  • The pasword is the name of our monthly newsletter, all in lower case, with no capital letters. You can find this information on this page above.
  • When you have found the password, Click here to download the Membership Application Form
  • This is a fillable PDF form where you can type your details in. Before you can do this, you will probably need to download and save the PDF on your computer or phone, then fill it and attach it to an email. The email address is given on the Application Form. Alternatively, you can print it, fill it in and bring it to one of our events, scan it and email it or post it to us.