Public documents

This folder contains printable versions of our public documents, including details of how to get to our meeting place, information sheets about the Group and a membership application form.

You can click on the file name of a document to view it on the screen or Download to save the file on your computer. In either case, there will be a delay while the file downloads. This could take a minute or two for some documents (such as some newsletters), depending on the speed or your Internet connection.

BYHA Application for Membership (Oct 2013)
How to get to Discovery Hall by public transport
NLOG How to get to Barnet Odeon - public transport
BYHA Fact Sheet 1 Weekends Away Jan 2012
BYHA Fact Sheet 2 Transport Arrangements (Oct 2013)
BYHA Fact Sheet 3: Clothing and Equipment (April 2011)
BYHA Fact Sheet 4 Buyers Guide Aug 2009
BYHA Fact Sheet 5: Walking in Britain (April 2011)
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